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Who We Are

Richbrands Group is an uncommon marketing communications enterprise with the primary purpose of helping brands grow. We achieve this by deploying the most effective communication to the consumer or target audience using our unique, creative and unboxed ideas, strategies and tactics. We are big on the application of technological tools to boost the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of our results.

The Richbrands Team

Our Business

Our services cut across creatives, idea/concept development, digital marketing, experiential marketing, outdoor advertising, and other forms of below-the-line advertising projects and initiatives. We give brands and companies the best marketing communications solutions and experiences.


A research-driven digital marketing agency made up of innovative and disruptive young minds with a single purpose; helping brands and businesses leverage everything digital to achieve their goals!


Our talented team is adept in conceptualizing, designing and producing original cutting edge creatives to complement our campaigns, and fit all other project requirements and applications.


Richbrands Out-of-Home is a full service outdoor firm. We provide high-end and strategic outdoor communications conceptualization, design, development, media buying and deployment with interactive outcomes.


Our well positioned outfit is one of the fastest growing in Africa set to take the global stage. We create interactions and experiences which strengthen the relationships between brands, their target audience and stakeholders.


We deliver quality products and services within the below-the-line category, encompassing point of purchase and point of sales. Richbrands provides high quality and unconventional branded items suitable for gifts and souvenirs, as well as prints.


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Richbrands is the Perfect solution for your communications needs!